CrossCover's extensive underwriting and engineering experience with proven long-term track record and internal compensation structure, consistently align with our carrier's target results.

Risk Spread

CrossCover’s underwriting and engineering experience allow us to write diverse occupancies, and we leverage our CAT capacity to write business across all geographical regions in the country. The result is a high return on capital for our carrier partners.

Risk Rating

CrossCover uniquely prices twelve (12) perils for each location, factoring in loss history, COPE specifics, onsite inspections and underwriter’s experience. Perils are tied directly to TPA claim reporting to determine the adequacy of pricing for each peril. This allows CrossCover to determine loss ratios for each of the twelve perils for any occupancy written, anywhere in the country.

Underwriters' Measurement & Compensation

Accounts are rated to CrossCover’s Benchmark Profit (BP). Underwriters are then compensated based on BP, rather than written premium. This is the first step in linking underwriters’ performance and compensation to our carrier partner’s results.

Portfolio Management

Catastrophe risk is managed at the account and portfolio level. Exposures are managed across geographies and class sectors using RMS, AIR, and state-of-the-art proprietary tools.

Balanced and Optimized Portfolio

The impact of every risk to the CrossCover CAT portfolio is measure before quoting. CrossCover Territory Zones (CTZ) is used to monitor account appropriateness and aggregate limits.  PML Drivers are identified and eliminated to continually improve our portfolio metrics.